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One loose end

Will Jenkins 1881? - Unknown I mentioned that in the early 1970s my mother had attended a funeral on Chicago's West Side with her Jenkins in-laws - see the Who was Uncle JayGou post. She visited the home of a Hollis Jenkins who is the first cousin to my grandfather Levi Jenkins and is also a son of Will Jenkins - the brother to the Head of the Table Tom Jenkins. Hollis' home was on West Adams Street at the time My mother and I had to do a process of elimination for who's funeral it was. She just wasn't sure who's funeral she attended back then. Hollis had died in November 1974, and my mother noted that she possibly met him at his home on the West Side or at the funeral. So the funeral of course wasn't for him. She mentioned his wife Daisy Lee Jenkins, however, she had died in 2008. Therefore, it wasn't her funeral either and my mother vividly remembered her at this funeral then. My own theory: If my mother was on the West Side of Chicago for a funeral in M