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Elder Garrison Jenkins

Garrison Jenkins 1820? - 1933 I can confidently identify Mr. Garrison Jenkins as my great-great grandfather. The evidence shows that he died on January 21, 1933. He died at least one year before his son Tom Jenkins - "Head of the Table". As explored in the most recent post regarding JayGou Jenkins finding him in the 1900 US Census out of Pike County, Mississippi shows him the father of both Tom, Will, and JayGou. I got a listing of deaths in early 1933 which was published in the Magnolia Gazette with help from the blog Pike County Deaths . Look at the eighth name listed under colored. In my research I've seen some discrepancies as far as his birthdate. His gravestone in the Spring Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery in Ruth, MISS it shows his birth year as 1820 which would make him  113-years-of-age at his death. It also mispelled his name as Garson. Other birth years might be 1827 or 1835 likely found in other US Censuses where he's counted. In 1900 his year of birth is

Who was 'Uncle JayGou'?

One of my uncles decades ago mentioned the name of an ancestor and he used the name JayGou .  My mother told me recently that in the early 1970s she went with her family to Chicago's west side for a funeral. I have an idea who this funeral could be for. She visited the home on the West Side on Adams Street of one Hollis Jenkins. Hollis, the son of Will Jenkins , is Tom Jenkins' nephew and in fact the first cousin of Tom's oldest son Levi Jenkins. Another name my mother mentioned from that period of time is JayGou Jenkins . What she can't recall is whether or not he was actually at Hollis' home, nor whether or not she actually met him. JayGou Jenkins 1894-1984 BTW, I spell his known name that way for a reason which we'll get into later, at that time I didn't know what it represented it was clearly a nickname and I didn't know how to spell it. Decades ago I only knew about the grandfather I never met Levi Jenkins (he passed away before I was born) and it w