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What else had I found on the "Head of the Table"?

Tom Jenkins 1883? - 1934 Since starting this blog I got away from my great-grandfather Tom Jenkins - Head of the Table. Father's Day had just passed and on my own personal social media I noted that my grandfather and father had both given me my name (or variation thereof). It is also in fact the Head of the Table who's also responsible for giving me my last name. What do we know about him? We know that he died in 1934 per legal documents - reportedly from a snakebite according to one of my uncles (Tom's grandson). We also know that during the 1910s he purchased land somewhere outside of Mound Bayou, Mississippi which his descendants continued to hold until at least 2004. Tom also briefly owned this land with his brother Will though he later returned his interest in this land back to the Head of the Table. It's safe to say he was a farmer and certainly a landowner. He married Georgia Johnson in December 1908 and had ten children from this union. I didn't know about

Who is Garrison's father?

Henry or Fox Jenkins? I was told through a DNA match on Ancestry - a distant Jenkins relative - that Garrison's father was a man named Fox Jenkins . Was also told that his origins is from Cape Town, South Africa which was formerly a British Colony. My only question to that was how did he wind up in the U.S.? With this said as stated earlier other DNA matches have connections to other Jenkins which were found in the 1900 US Census out of Pike County, Mississippi. Other family trees connected with John and Willie (William) Jenkins seem to list their father and mother as Henry and Patsy Jenkins who were listed as being from Virginia. Also allow me to add Garrison, Bob, John, and Willie are reportedly brothers - another tip from that distant Jenkins relative. There is a significant age difference between Garrison and his younger brothers Bob, John and Willie. Garrison was likely born in 1838 and his younger brother is Bob who was born in about 1857. Then John & Willie Jenkins

Correction: The 'other' Levi Jenkins

 I was recently alerted to the identity of the person in this photo shared in December . I identified this photo as my great-uncle Levi Jenkins, it seems that was in error. Levi "Boots" Jenkins Jr.? One thing that seems apparent as seen in the last post here is that it seems the Jenkins name their children after their family. My grandfather Levi Jenkins Sr. was possibly named after his uncle. One of my great aunts - well Levi Sr.'s sister - Delia possibly named for her grandmother Delia Newman Jenkins. Of course, Garrison Jenkins - Levi Sr. grandfather was yet the namesake for the son of Willie Jenkins ( to whom there was a DNA match to me). EDITOR'S NOTE: Willie Jenkins is not to be confused with Tom Jenkins' brother Will Jenkins. Willie could possibly be the brother of Garrison Jenkins and thus the uncle to Tom, Will, Levi, and JayGou though to be honest his familial relationship to the family is not known beyond DNA. I also want to note that the picture shown a

Adventures in Ancestry DNA...

Have you bought your kit? I was eagerly waiting my Ancestry DNA results and have spent a lot of time since about the first Tuesday of March assessing the results. It blows my mind that aside from having my DNA being registered from such African regions as Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, etc. I'm also registering 16% Celtic - Scottish, Irish, & Welsh and it's being assigned to my paternal side more than anything. Also they noted that I'm part of the genetic geographical groups of early Southern African Americans and my DNA is being registered in the area around Pike County, MISS. In my own research I have found some ancestors (not necessarily Jenkins) who hail from the counties nearby to Pike. Namely Amite County, MISS and St. Helena Parish, Louisiana. This is how I will introduce some other Jenkins I had found out of the 1900 US Census. Other than Garrison there were three other Jenkins men who were recorded that year all with their own families. And in my recent experi

One loose end

Will Jenkins 1881? - Unknown I mentioned that in the early 1970s my mother had attended a funeral on Chicago's West Side with her Jenkins in-laws - see the Who was Uncle JayGou post. She visited the home of a Hollis Jenkins who is the first cousin to my grandfather Levi Jenkins and is also a son of Will Jenkins - the brother to the Head of the Table Tom Jenkins. Hollis' home was on West Adams Street at the time My mother and I had to do a process of elimination for who's funeral it was. She just wasn't sure who's funeral she attended back then. Hollis had died in November 1974, and my mother noted that she possibly met him at his home on the West Side or at the funeral. So the funeral of course wasn't for him. She mentioned his wife Daisy Lee Jenkins, however, she had died in 2008. Therefore, it wasn't her funeral either and my mother vividly remembered her at this funeral then. My own theory: If my mother was on the West Side of Chicago for a funeral in M

Elder Garrison Jenkins

Garrison Jenkins 1820? - 1933 I can confidently identify Mr. Garrison Jenkins as my great-great grandfather. The evidence shows that he died on January 21, 1933. He died at least one year before his son Tom Jenkins - "Head of the Table". As explored in the most recent post regarding JayGou Jenkins finding him in the 1900 US Census out of Pike County, Mississippi shows him the father of both Tom, Will, and JayGou. I got a listing of deaths in early 1933 which was published in the Magnolia Gazette with help from the blog Pike County Deaths . Look at the eighth name listed under colored. In my research I've seen some discrepancies as far as his birthdate. His gravestone in the Spring Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery in Ruth, MISS it shows his birth year as 1820 which would make him  113-years-of-age at his death. It also mispelled his name as Garson. Other birth years might be 1827 or 1835 likely found in other US Censuses where he's counted. In 1900 his year of birth is