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Adventures in Ancestry DNA...

Have you bought your kit? I was eagerly waiting my Ancestry DNA results and have spent a lot of time since about the first Tuesday of March assessing the results. It blows my mind that aside from having my DNA being registered from such African regions as Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, etc. I'm also registering 16% Celtic - Scottish, Irish, & Welsh and it's being assigned to my paternal side more than anything. Also they noted that I'm part of the genetic geographical groups of early Southern African Americans and my DNA is being registered in the area around Pike County, MISS. In my own research I have found some ancestors (not necessarily Jenkins) who hail from the counties nearby to Pike. Namely Amite County, MISS and St. Helena Parish, Louisiana. This is how I will introduce some other Jenkins I had found out of the 1900 US Census. Other than Garrison there were three other Jenkins men who were recorded that year all with their own families. And in my recent experi