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Who was the 'other' Levi Jenkins?

 I mentioned that my grandfather Levi Jenkins as one of Tom Jenkins' 10 children, however, through some digging on it was discovered that Tom Jenkins also had a brother named Levi Jenkins (we could call him the other Levi Jenkins to distinguish him from my grandfather). There was a tip from an uncle that the origin of the Jenkins is in McComb, MISS which is located in Pike County, right on the Mississippi-Louisiana state line. At some point we'll discuss the Jenkins family (or families) discovered in Pike County. Great-Uncle Levi Jenkins was discovered through these findings. Also I had learned my mother - who married into the family - had actually met one of this Levi's sons little did she know. His name was Rev. Ellis Jenkins and in the 1970s she had met him through one of Tom Jenkins' daughters - Bertha Jenkins McGhee. Bertha was the first lady of a church in Chicago known as Christ Chapel Baptist Church located near Marquette Road & Racine Avenu

Tom Jenkins - Georgia Johnson Bolivar County, MISS marriage record

Marriage Record from State of Mississippi, Bolivar County, Second District for Tom Jenkins and Georgia Johnson on December 17, 1908. Marriage license issued December 20, 1908 and record on page 38 of the Bolivar County, MISS, second district marriage record on January 4, 1909. Found this via  

'Head of the Table'

The earliest known ancestor is a man known as Tom or Thomas Jenkins. In 1908 he married a woman named Georgia Johnson. He had his first child in 1909 with Georgia named Levi Jenkins when he lived in Shelby, Mississippi. In the 1910s he bought some land on the outskirts of Mound Bayou, MISS which was held by his descendants until the early 2000s when that land was sold. Through those legal documents regarding the sale of Tom's land it was shown he had a brother named Will Jenkins - who was married to a woman named Cora - had held an interest in Tom's land until Will sold his share back to his brother. Tom Jenkins sadly passed away on March 31, 1934. I was told by an uncle that he had suffered a snakebite no more than two years earlier and his health never recovered. He left behind his wife Georgia Jenkins and 10 children of whom one is still living his youngest daughter. For his wheeling and dealing in real estate in Mound Bayou, MISS I declare Mr. Tom Jenkins, Head of the Table