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Who is Garrison's father?

Henry or Fox Jenkins? I was told through a DNA match on Ancestry - a distant Jenkins relative - that Garrison's father was a man named Fox Jenkins . Was also told that his origins is from Cape Town, South Africa which was formerly a British Colony. My only question to that was how did he wind up in the U.S.? With this said as stated earlier other DNA matches have connections to other Jenkins which were found in the 1900 US Census out of Pike County, Mississippi. Other family trees connected with John and Willie (William) Jenkins seem to list their father and mother as Henry and Patsy Jenkins who were listed as being from Virginia. Also allow me to add Garrison, Bob, John, and Willie are reportedly brothers - another tip from that distant Jenkins relative. There is a significant age difference between Garrison and his younger brothers Bob, John and Willie. Garrison was likely born in 1838 and his younger brother is Bob who was born in about 1857. Then John & Willie Jenkins