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Who was 'Uncle JayGou'?

One of my uncles decades ago mentioned the name of an ancestor and he used the name JayGou

My mother told me recently that in the early 1970s she went with her family to Chicago's west side for a funeral. I have an idea who this funeral could be for. She visited the home on the West Side on Adams Street of one Hollis Jenkins. Hollis, the son of Will Jenkins, is Tom Jenkins' nephew and in fact the first cousin of Tom's oldest son Levi Jenkins.

Another name my mother mentioned from that period of time is JayGou Jenkins. What she can't recall is whether or not he was actually at Hollis' home, nor whether or not she actually met him.

JayGou Jenkins

BTW, I spell his known name that way for a reason which we'll get into later, at that time I didn't know what it represented it was clearly a nickname and I didn't know how to spell it.

Decades ago I only knew about the grandfather I never met Levi Jenkins (he passed away before I was born) and it was a while before I knew about his father Tom Jenkins. I may well have heard my own father talk about his grandmother Mama Georgia Jenkins. Beyond this I had no idea where this JayGou fit in the family tree.

Yet another uncle noted the Jenkins family connection to McComb, Mississippi which is located in Pike County which is right on the Mississippi-Louisiana state line. As you know I discovered a brother for Tom Jenkins who's also named Levi Jenkins - meaning he's also the uncle of my grandfather Levi Jenkins.

Using the McComb lead I decided to find some references not to Tom Jenkins but also his brother Will Jenkins. And got a decent match from the 1900 US Census out of Pike County, MISS. via

And this finding proved interesting. Now I have an idea as to whom JayGou was and now I see that Tom (Thomas), Will (Willie), and Levy (Levi) Jenkins are in fact JayGou's older brothers. In addition it appears that the parents of Tom, Will, Levi and JayGou have been uncovered Garrison and Delia Jenkins.

Bear in mind that Tom had a daughter named Delia.🤔

Well we have Jay, but what does the G or Gou stand for we look at the 1930 US Census again out of Pike County. JayGou is living with his own family at this point.
You see that right, Jay Gould Jenkins. I wonder where Garrison and Delia got Jay Gould from. Did they name their son after some Wall Street tycoon who seemed heavily involved with the railroad who's also referred to as a "robber baron"?

As of now I haven't found any official document especially a birth or a death certificate or even a social security listing that shows his full name, but now I know that JayGou or Jay Gould is a brother of Tom Jenkins thus an uncle to my grandfather Levi Jenkins. 

JayGou according to this listing at is buried at the Spring Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery - not the only Jenkins buried there I found - which is located in Ruth, Mississippi in Lincoln County. He was buried there with his wife Rosetta as you see her listed in the US Census record above. 

Social Security records lists JayGou's last address in Chicago where he had presumably passed away in 1984 aged 89 and his remains were sent back to his family's "ancestral cemetery" in Mississippi. That seems to be another common thing I have found a lot of Jenkins who moved away from Pike County find their way back down for burial after their transition. 

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