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Correction: The 'other' Levi Jenkins

 I was recently alerted to the identity of the person in this photo shared in December. I identified this photo as my great-uncle Levi Jenkins, it seems that was in error.

Levi "Boots" Jenkins Jr.?

One thing that seems apparent as seen in the last post here is that it seems the Jenkins name their children after their family. My grandfather Levi Jenkins Sr. was possibly named after his uncle. One of my great aunts - well Levi Sr.'s sister - Delia possibly named for her grandmother Delia Newman Jenkins. Of course, Garrison Jenkins - Levi Sr. grandfather was yet the namesake for the son of Willie Jenkins ( to whom there was a DNA match to me).

EDITOR'S NOTE: Willie Jenkins is not to be confused with Tom Jenkins' brother Will Jenkins. Willie could possibly be the brother of Garrison Jenkins and thus the uncle to Tom, Will, Levi, and JayGou though to be honest his familial relationship to the family is not known beyond DNA.

I also want to note that the picture shown a few months back was identified by a Jenkins cousin (yet another DNA match actually a descendent of JayGou) as not my great-uncle Levi, but his son Levi "Boots" Jenkins aka Levi Jenkins Jr. This Levi Jr. is a brother to another named member of the extended family Ellis Eugene Jenkins.

So my great-uncle is thus Levi Jenkins Sr. and his son is my 1st cousin, twice removed Levi "Boots" Jenkins Jr. My grandfather and this Levi's nephew is also named Levi Jenkins Sr. and his second-born son - my father - is named Levi Jenkins Jr.

As you may know I've created an email for this site and one thing that is need here are pictures. I found a Jenkins group (well credit goes to yet another Ancestry DNA match) which shows a number of old pictures of Jenkins ancestors. 

I will share email here in hopes that anyone who runs across this sites will feel very free to contact this blog with hopefully pictures and certainly to connect with their extended family.

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